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Alwyn Cosgrove is the real deal and has a special ability to simply rip programs apart. He is also very funny, so as he makes fun of the 3-5 sets of 15-25 reps of lunges with 90 seconds rest (each leg), he makes you wonder how stupid you are with training, too. The guy knows his stuff.

Men's Health has some good stuff. They had articles on Overhead Squats and Romanian Deadlifts probably around 2001 or 2000 and they provide a lot of good information on things like Heart Disease et al that really go against what you hear in a typical magazine. I don't get a nickel for saying this...and the ONLY place I get money from is T-nation, everything else is free...but I always pick up Men's Health at the airport on flights. It fits my attention span perfectly on a flight. (I also read Dirk Pitt books, T. H. White and a few others).

So, I guess I'm saying that mainstream stuff has a lot of value. The reason I pop blueberries into many of my meals is from an article I read about five years ago in some defunct magazine like "Mind Muscle and Power" maybe that talked about the next wave of supplements and they noted that they would all be in the fruit and veggie aisle...I think it was coffee, blueberries, olive oil and salmon...I don't think I have the list any more...

The best part of Alwyn Cosgrove is his skill in saying you need to sit back and look at the "numbers." If you do 10,000 Bench Presses in a month and one row, for are going to have joint issues.
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