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Re: Bill Henniger! Get in here and answer once and for all!

Putting some rubber etc in the base will reduce the drop impact.

I have personally torn down tons of old bars and inspected the parts inside to see what starts to wear etc. In most bars out there today there are a series of retention washers and snap rings.

These sit in a groove on the bar shaft and hold back the sleeve from coming off the bar.

We have been dropping our bars vertically from 3' on repeat to see if they will hold up from a UPS guy javelin tossing the bar, someone trying to open the bar tube by jamming it on the end etc. There is end float in any bar out there which allows for a slight shift when seated vertically.

I would say storing your bar horizontally on the sleeves with UHMW protection is 100% safe.

Storing the bar vertically especially when you have 100's of clients dropping them in may eventually end up in a deflected internal component. 99% of the time you won't see issue but it just isn't as good as horizontal.

I have seen the internal parts of barbells evolve quite a bit over the past 5 years to offset the reps seen.

Hope that helps

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