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Re: El Capitan's Crossfit Log

9 May 10

CFE WOD - 4 x 5 min intervals with 3 min rest periods

Did a total of 4.8 miles, I jogged 5 min for a warmup, and walked the 3 min rests.

Here's my distances and speeds per interval:

#1 0.77 miles 6:30 min/mile - Nice flat wooded trail
#2 0.62 miles 8:00 min/mile - Lots of turns and pretty hilly
#3 0.70 miles 7:09 min/mile - A little downhill but still a lot of turns
#4 0.80 miles 6:15 min/mile - Flat straight and wide open!

I then jogged the rest of the way home. Good run, knee felt good but my toes are a little blisterish!
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