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Re: Gslp

Hey folks quick question. I have the ebook, but wanted some quick clarification.

The program is (for me) M-W-F. Alternate bench/press with squats,DL,squats. Accessories are curls and chins.

My questions are these:
Can you do pull ups instead of chins?
With the push ups and chins, do you do "X" sets throughout the day and then non during the actual workout or do you get in a set or 2 during the workout?
Only 2 "accessory" exercises per workout for 2 sets?

So a "typical" workout would be:
Bench 5, 5, 5+
Squat 5, 5 , 5+
Chins 6-8x2
Curls b-8x2
(Push ups and chins throughout the day)

Thanks in advance
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