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Re: Anyone tried Blonyx?

Originally Posted by Rowan Minnion View Post
Hey guys. Dimitri, great comment!

I guess it depends on expectations. I carried out much of the research that you are quoting and found that nothing but Creatine and anabolic steroid use will produce equivalent/better results. I agree that Creatine is a more cost effective way to go as, unlike HMB which is regulated, Creatine is much cheaper... cheaper because it is mass produced, often at low quality, in industrial countries like China. I have tested some BAD creatine

In terms of the figures you quote, lets do the math...

0.28% gain in mass/week for a 200lb individual is 0.56lb increase/week OR over 2lb per month (without compounding). In my experience these numbers are actually high in the long term (to go from 200lb to 224lb in a year is unlikely unless you are untrained at the beginning).

1.4% strength is even more. Say I Deadlift 300lb. An increase of 1.4% per week (again without compounding) is 4.2lb... Per month is almost 17lb. Again, at that rate I would be lifting over 500lb within a year... again, unrealistic unless untrained in my experience.

You probably won't be surprised to know that the above figures are mainly from studies involving individuals just starting to lift weights, hence why these gains are quite high. Realistically I would say 0.1% in both strength and muscle gains from using HMB... Creatine about the same.

Hope this adds to the conversation
You are right, the reality is, there is only so much muscle you can build without steroids. It's much more than the untrained person on the street, but nothing compared to the some of the physiques we often see on the internet. (WFS)

At 5'11", I could realistically have no more than 186lb of LBM, and no amount of HMB is likely to change that.
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