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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Message board back up yeah buddy!

Wed 1/3/18

Rowed 5600 meters. Now one day ahead.

7 min worth of burpees, ring rows, rowing etc to get the motor running.

Warm up snatch and dubs. 14.1 open workout test. Was in some good shape 4 years ago. Got 5th place in the world on that workout for 45+. I was not expecting much.. lined up face to face with Taylor our beast lady of the gym. Motor for days. Last time 8 rounds even (360). Here last test of this was 8 rounds plus 1. Just wanted to have fun with this workout.

3.2.1... go!
Un broken in dubs the whole way.
Ub broken in muscle snatches for first 4 rounds.
R5, R6 and R7 9/6
Round8 6/5/4
Got back to the dubs with 8 seconds and did 14 reps.
374 reps PR by 14!

Cool down and some accessory work.

Thursday 1/4/18 was a day off.

Friday 1/5- Warm up hammies and shoulders good. Get ready for 17.3 just to see how it feels.

Squat snatch warm up 45-175#.. running out of time till class starts.

3 rounds 4 min
6 c2b
6 ss 95- took longer than I wanted it to. 3 min.

Changed weights to 135#
3 rounds till 8 min
7 c2b
7 ss 135#

Done in about 7 min. Changed bar to what I thought was 185# but was 175#.
8 c2b
3 ss 175# with about 6+ misses.

What I could do better is get in shape. Going to work more on my squat snatch endurance and max.

Row 2800 meters, did short warm up metcon with the class.

Every 2:00 for 5 rounds
Odd min Row 15 cal
Even min 5 un broken squat snatches 135#
Did 4 of these rounds

Rest 2:00
10 min amrap
5 c2b
10 push ups
20 pistols- my knee was talking to me and I took it easy on this one-
4 rounds plus 20

Rest 2 min-
5 man makers 50# db
200 meter farmer carry
5 man makers 50# db

Total time was 29:07 RX+

Cool down and some accessory work.

Saturday- 1-6-18
Free partner workout
20 min amrap
1000 meter run buy in- under 4 min.
50 kb swings 53#
10 syn. burpees
50 wall balls 20#
10 syn burpees

Did 4 or 5 rounds wiht Seth my partner.
Might have done 65% of the work. But he did a great job.

Cool down and rowed 2800 meters. Cleaned up the gym and did small projects.

Sunday 1-7
9 rounds not for time but about 2 min each round.
250 row
3 ub ring mu
10 ghd-

Did 6 connected mu on the last round. Finished the meter then left.

Grand daughter day-

Am row- 1800 meters, 40 power snatches 50#, AAB and some wall balls. I pick up my food at my old gym now on Mondays and Thursdays. Will be fun seeing them again.

PM- Warm up hammies and shoulders- find a heavy power clean-
45-245# that was easy. 251# for the pr did not happen. I feel that I am turning a corner on my power clean. Technique is better, timing is improving and the speed is good.

2,2,2,2,2,2 Front squat-
my knee is bothering me a bit. Just went up to 275# FS for 2 reps was heavy.

15 min amrap
10 power cleans 185#
10 bar facing burpees
10 hspu
5 rounds plus 1 reps
Was happy to do that many heavy fatigued power cleans.

Some accessory work afterwards with a member.

Finished my meters for the row.

13.3 Open workout. This is one of my goats. A bunch of ring mu at the end of the workout. Did this workout in 2012 got 244 or 4 mu. That was month 3 of doing crossfit. The next year I have the judge from hell who took me off my game and no repped me about 20 or more times on the wall balls. Was wrecked and I mean wrecked hitting the mu. Only got 2 of them. I did Karen one time with a buddy and after we looked at each other and grabbed our ropes and did the 90 dubs and had time to do some mu.. I think that I got 8 or 10.

I had the plan to break when I wanted on the wb. Took about 6:40ish.
25 to start and 15's for a while then some sets of 11 then finally 9.
Grabbed the rope and did 35/30/25 short breaks. Walked over to the towels and got one to recover for the mu. Had about 4 min or so. 4/4/4/3/3 total 18 of them. Really happy about this progress. 258 RX more than a 10 reps pr!!!!

Accessory work,row 2800 meters. Clean up the gym. Cool down and enjoy the experience.
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