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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Tuesday PM- warm up with row, burpees, broad jumps..

20 min AMRAP
Row 250 meters
25 wall balls 20#
Row 250 meters
15 hspu
Did 5.5 rounds. Ended up being a hard workout with hspu/row and wb.

Just got on the rower and started out slow for the first pull or 2 then steady to my desired pace of 1:50 or less.

Talked to a new member for a bit.. ex Marine!

Work is crazy so many orders. Had to hire a new person. Gym is growing. Other gyms are changing around us so we will see whats happens in 2018.

Working on the house. GF moving in. She turns the house into a home. Got a king sized bed for us and the little doggie who takes up so much room.

Trying to slow down time but its going fast. Meditation is the key. 10 min of that seems like 3 hours.

Even on rowing. Tonight will row a bunch with my group.
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