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Crossfit Endurance and Plantar Faciitis

So I've been reading Brian Mackenzie's book and have started down the CFE road. I have a ton of experience marathon running and Tri training (Ironmans etc). I came to crossfit because I have been sidelined by horrific Plantar Faciitis and needed a way to get strong and keep training.
I can run (low miles....less than 40 m.p.w) but I can't do any of the speed work or hill training as it flairs up the PF VERY badly.
So my question is, does anyone have any suggestions about how I would scale the runs so I can still build up a good base? I can run the actual prescribed milage, I just can't do any of the speed work (intervals etc) or hill training.
Bike and swim interval work are no problem, just not the running.
Should I lay off the runs completely? . . . . just run the miles w/o the speedwork? . . .supplement more swim/bike interval work instead of runs?
Im kind of at a loss on how to proceed. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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