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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Back on track and here is what we did today

Slept well and both feeling good this morning. Body is feeling really good and we are taking care of them really well. Pure conditioning and no weights today.

Warm up
4 min row nice and easy to get a little sweat on.
PVC pipe for the shoulders
General stretch on the rest of the body

some jogging to get the legs going and warm up with what was to come.

Using the same AAB ( we lost a little time between rounds as we had to adjust the seat.

Wife started on AAB and i did DU's, then we rotated once we are both done. normally 10-20 seconds rest after the rope work

10 rounds each of - for time
10/15 cal AAB (wife 10, myself 15 cal)
30/60 Du/Su

Time - 19.27

This was a good one and we both felt that the rope got easier after a couple of rounds and we were in the flow.

Back extensions 6x10reps each

After this the wife did some work on her traps and i did some negative HSPUs and some static holds.

Cool down
Stretch for 20min or so.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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