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Re: Not training the snatch?

Originally Posted by Aaron Gainer View Post
Because teaching the full rom of the clean reinforces good technique on the powers. I spend a ton of time with my students after school reinforcing their full squat technique, and making sure they use a load that allows them to make great progress by training high frequency and low volume. I am all about injury prevention, and my training regimine this year as a 1st year S&C coach has cut the injuries in half(gone are the knee and back issues that plagued our team 2 years in a row, and we set a offensive record of 5000+ yards for 10 games).

We have a few of our seniors being looked at by D2 and D3 colleges(we are a smaller school that plays 8 man football) that are happy to hear we train athletes using the Big 3, Olympic lifts, and speed training.
BTW, Congrats on your success as a S&C coach! Good to hear people making a difference.

Was also curious about your injury prevention regime. What are your top things that are now preventing the knee and back injuries? Is it mainly better form or are you incorporating prehab or special exercises? Thanks!
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