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Try the Paleo Diet for two weeks. Try the Zone Diet for two weeks. Get Optimal Sports Nutrition from Michael Colgan (It's been a while since I made my decision), and try that two weeks. Etc. You got Andrew Weil, you got diets oriented around endurance athletics. It keeps going. Try representative samples of each, if you're serious about finding the right diet.

Pay attention to your body. How is your mental clarity? How is your energy level? Are you sleeping more or less? How often are you hungry? Are you looking forward to meals or dreading them? Are you getting fatter, skinnier, or staying the same?

Forget what people tell you. Everybody has an agenda, but it's your health. Only you can make the decision, and I will guarantee you that I can find a medical doctor and registered dietician to support just about anything. Nobody benefits from your decisions but you, and nobody suffers but you.

If you feel good consistently, you're probably doing good. If you feel like crap, maybe that should be considered too, even if all the research you read says it should be wonderful. Don't rationalize if you don't feel good.
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