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Re: sleep apnea?

Originally Posted by Robert D Taylor Jr View Post
I had a sleep study done. I walked around the Naval Hospital like I had a bomb vest on wore it overnight at home and brought it back. What I'm supposed to do is wear a CPAP, but since I can't sleep with one I use a method I call suffer in silence. So far, I would say it hasn't worked. I intend to get the surgery done soon and I'm considering getting a Power Lung under the theory that if my respiratory system is stronger I will be less apneic.
question... why cant you use one?
Is it because you toss and turn or kick alot during your sleep?

If this is the case.. once your settings are correct.. most of this stuff goes away as your body is now getting the oxygen and sleep it needs therefore goes into rest mode verse the fight mode that it knows it needs to do to keep you from dying.
short term use of a sleeping pill kinda helps with the learning curve. Most people say once they are using their cpap machine.. they never really a good night til they got one.
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