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Re: Jill's CFCC Workout Log

Tuesday 10/26/10
Running school
Lots of crazy drills followed by 8 200m runs with 10s rests in between (I sat out for 1 due to my time being more than a few seconds off)

This was reallllly difficult and not enjoyable. But I guess that's all the more reason to keep at it. Even though we did the same distance the previous week (broken up into 400m), 200m felt a lot harder. Side stitches are also not enjoyable, they subsided somewhat during the course of the workout but not entirely. I've also started getting them during my walks to/from work, which has never been an issue before... so I'm not sure what I'm doing differently that's causing them when I walk.

On a positive note, I think my form is (maybe) getting better!

Life lessons learned during this workout:
Running and trying to aim/shoot a gun at the same time is quite difficult
Camac street is quite the romantic spot
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