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Re: From charlespoliquin: The "Functional" Training Delusion

Originally Posted by Ari Sherwood View Post
Well, maybe we're devolving into a semantic argument here, but Minor's primary thesis is not that single-joint movements can be functional (which is hard to disagree with), but rather is stated in the opening line: "functional training is not superior to traditional strength training" while Poliquin seems to be arguing just the opposite.
Although that is the opening line, it's kind of a "gotcha" because it proves the assumption that most readers will falsely distinguish between "functional" and "traditional" but in reality functional can also be found within traditional as long the movements are chosen properly to obtain specific goals. What he goes on to explain in the article essentially re-defines his own opening line by offering a more practical perspective on what one should think of when they hear the word "functional". That is, NOT a whole different system of training from "traditional" but rather to examine what you are doing and determine if it is serving it's purpose, regardless of whether it is multi-joint, isolation, traditional, or whatever.

Poliquin is pointing out that in general so-called "functional" movements (like squats) are usually superior to leg extensions because most people are using extensions with the wrong goal in mind (avoidance of pain rather than achievement of performance). Not exactly the opposite of Minor, although I can see what you're getting at.
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