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Julie's right knee makes a soft snapping or clicking sound when she brings her knees forward during squats. As long as her knee stays above or behind her toes there is no noise. When the knee moves forward past the toe the noise is there. I am very attentive to this as she trains but once in a while her form fails.

She felt the first minor pain from it after yesterday's thrusters. I'm asking her to back off of squats for a while. I think as she gains more strength and better balance and learns to keep her weight on her heels she'll be fine.

But we think it is important to turn the music down once in a while and give a listen to your workout. Listening for problems early is far better than recovering from them later.

Dan John suggested that since she had a baby 2 months ago she might be pushing it. Since it came from him maybe she'll believe it.
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