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Re: Bench Press + 5K run

Glad you got to stop by. I did compete, also did the bench press portion. I'm not a huge bench press guy, but did 14 reps at 145lbs, weighing in at 148.5. I finished the 5k in 4th place, I was in red shorts and an all black under armor type shirt. My friend ended up winning 29 and under bench + run with his 5k time of 20:30 and 21 reps at 155lbs. My time for the 5k was 19:02ish. I'm sure you heard a slight grunt/roar at the finish....that was me. I was in 5th most of the race, tried to kick and beat the 2 in front of me, but only got past 1 guy.

Overall it was a lot of fun, T-shirt is nice and not made of crappy cotton. Hope you had fun!
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