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Crossfit Open 2016

Appears to be the same format as last year.

Usually they repeat one workout. Any bets on which one. I think that they have to rule out 14.2/15.2 that one is tired.

15.1/15.1A or 15.5 are good ones to re test. Oly at the end of the met con is a good concept. HQ can find out if the motors are better and if the are stronger.
HQ loves thrusters.. add in the rowing also.. I would love to get that one again.

15.3 with the MU first is a good one also. See how many new mu people?

Any new exercises or apparatus coming?
Pistols (hard to judge depth)
triple unders (they have had them on the main site 7 or so times this year).. but I think that 3 unders will be a games thing. So hard to count.
Bar Muscle ups
Max- OHS from the ground would establish a S20 plus ohs.
Hand Stand Walks?

Let us know your thoughts.

9 1/2 weeks away.

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