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Originally Posted by Robert Fabsik View Post
Yeah, but decline is a trick. Due to leverage it lets you use more weight but for overall chest strength just isn't as effective as the flat versions. It's almost like a knee height rack pull vs a deadlift.

I'd rather see my close grip go up than my decline. I get more carry over to my regular bench and upper body pressing with the close grip (for me close grip is thumbs just on the edge of the knurling [not the center knurling]).

For the close grips, are you getting your traps and shoulders driven into the pad to create a stable lifting platform?

Are you able to tuck your elbows through most of the movement?

If you nail your form and give it time, I think your weights should go up and eventually you'll be handling weights most can't with a wider grip for the close grip.
That's interesting - I've always heard / read that the decline is actually better for chest strength / development, and not just due to the fact you can use more weight.

I do NOT retract my scapula during the bench. I was doing this for a while (as per latest broscience) but ran into shoulder problems BECAUSE of this. I told my physiotherapist and he immediately had me revert to a more natural pressing style and my issues are significantly better. I do tuck my elbows as close as possible to my body.

I will stick with close grip for now. Thanks for your help.
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