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Originally Posted by David Allen Rogers View Post
I would suggest following the 3-day template. The running that you described isn't going to interfere much with the lifts and you have some room to put on some strength so you'll benefit from the extra day of lifting. You sound like you are going to be pretty smart about ramping up the running over time so you should be able to easily judge if you push too hard and it starts affecting the lifts. The squats are probably going to be the first place where you notice any problems.

Take a look at the Run Forrest, Run template in the book. With that template, he alternates the 3-day lifting template with running days. The running isn't exactly as you want to do but it should show you that it is possible to mix the GSLP 3-day template with running.
Thanks for the help. This is what I was leaning towards after having read about Craig's success earlier in this thread.

I was looking at the run Forrest run thing earlier today...but I'd be tempted to run on the same day as I lift to avoid running sore and compromising technique. This also gives a full day of recovery.

I will report back with results!
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