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Re: Concept 2 PM3

Congrats that is an awesome deal!!! I think I've read only one other deal that surpassed that and it was when the wife of a guy who was overseas in the military told his wife to get rid of the rower. I don't remember all the details, but she sold a D I believe for $25. I think the buyer felt badly and offered more but she was fine with the $25.

I missed out on a D with PM4 for $150 because the guy wouldn't commit to selling it to me - he said that it was first come, first served at a specific time 7am and it was over an hour away from me (it was left at his rental property by the previous tenant). With no guarantees, I wasn't willing to make the drive - I'm sure a ton of people showed up who lived closer. I even emailed him and said that I would forward a check/send money via PayPal to secure the sale and that if I didn't show up it was his (he was concerned people wouldn't show - clearly he doesn't know the market for these things).

Time to start cruising the Goodwill stores...
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