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Re: What Constitutes as Active Rest?

Originally Posted by Scot Heyes View Post
Thanks for the feedback guys, I have been going to the gym 6 days a week and do a 10k run on the 7th day. The thinking being, as I am not in the gym this run could be counted as active rest?

I have decided that I will adopt a strict 3 days work and 1 day off system and during the day off, I will try to work on stretching, flexibility and gymnastic skills (any recommendations on length of time I should spend on these drills?). I have found a site recommended on the forum -

Thanks again for your help, I look forward to hopefully seeing further benefits in strength and conditioning due to more disciplined recovery days.

If you want to increase flexibility, your stretching day shouldn't really be easy...instead your stretching day should be a 30-45 minute bout between your will and your body...

Now if you just want to stretch to say you "stretched" like most...then that's not that big a deal.
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