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Re: Osteoporosis

Elanor, is there a specific area/joint that you have osteoporosis? What about the medications caused you difficulty? The bisphosphanates and some other types of meds reduce the number of fractures and can help build up the bones. Make sure you are taking 1000 IU of vitamin D and 1200 mg calcium (don't exceed 2500 mg).

I think crossfit type exercises are generally very good, I would want to be careful on high joint impact exercises. Since your doctor knows you the best I would definitely make an appointment dedicated to this 1 topic so you have enough time to discuss it.

I would make sure that you have the best form you can, start with low weight, and have excellent balance through all the exercises. Check into mobility WODs that focus on posture, adjusting your posture might make a big difference. Mobility WOD in general would probably be particularly helpful for you.

Some exercises I would be cautious with box jumps. Running if you tend to be a heel planter could probably modify to a mid foot that might reduce the impact or just doing a light jog during these parts of the WOD.
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