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Re: WOD Terminology Question

I agree with Michael. That's a 3 partner workout. Partner 1 is doing a 100m sled drag, which sets the pace for each "rotation." Partner 2 is doing wall balls and Partner 3 is doing deadlifts while Partner 1 is out with the sled. Partners 2 and 3 are simply going for as many reps as possible while they are at their station. When Partner 1 returns, everyone rotates. This continues for 13 minutes. The team score is the total amount of wall balls and deadlifts performed.

I'm doing the 31 Heroes WOD this year, which (at our location, anyway) is a 4-person team. One person does a 200m 50# sandbag run, which is the pacer. The other 3 stations are thrusters, rope climbs and box jumps. Same idea, you're just going for total reps, with the "timer" for rotation being the time it takes to do the run.

edit: you're sure it's an individual workout???

OK, how about this: if it's individual, then each time you do the sled drag/pull, that sets the pace for how long you spend doing the next two movements for that round?
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