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Re: WOD Terminology Question

Originally Posted by Chris Vaughn View Post

I saw the following WOD and was wondering if someone could enlighten me on the terms.

Sled: 35
Dynamax: 20
BB: #135

P1: Sled 100 (Pace)
P2: Wall Ball (Score)
P3: Deadlift (Score)
AMRAP: 13 minutes

My questions:

1) What do P1, P2, P3 mean? I'm assuming "Part 1, Part 2"?
2) Sled 100: that's 100 steps? What's "Pace"?
3) (Score)--not sure at all about this one.

Thanks very much for any help.

I'll take a stab at it...

I am gathering that this was a team WOD. The P standing for person/partner.

Sled push-100m....maybe
Wall Balls for reps
Deadlifts for reps

P1 paces the other two. P2 and P3 would execute AMRAP WB/DL until 100m is covered, then switch positions for the duration.

Where'd you come across the WOD?

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