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sprained ligament in hand

Long story short, I sprained a ligament in my hand a couple weeks ago doing squat cleans. My hand hyperextended to my forearm and heard a pop. My wrist was obviously sore right after but there was a spot around my trapezoid bone that is incredibly tender. I can't grip anything without serious pain or use my thumb very much. I have gotten X-rays to rule out a break of any kind. I have been heating it about 3 times a day to ensure good blood flow and it seems to help. Other than that, i'm just keeping my wrist in a brace to limit movement.

Anybody have any experience with an injury like this? Any tips on therapy? Speculation on recovery time?

The extent I have had to looked at is my dad who is a pediatrician. Thinking about getting it looked at soon by one of his friends that is a sports medicine MD.
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