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Speaking of different exercises. I went to a rock quarry and got 9 different sized stones and rocks. I weighed them and made sure I had a 5,10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 96 lbs stones, all different shapes too, some flat, round etc. I marked off fifty yard on a 20 degree rising grade. Then I made up some rules. You toss the 5 pounder as far as you can up the hill, then grab the next size up, the 10 lb. You toss it up the hill but it must go past the 5 before you can advance and throw the next size up. Every size up including the 96 lb must go past the 5 before you can advance the 5 any farther. You can throw each stone as many times as you want until it goes past the 5, the heavier the stone the more throws it will take to get it past the five. All stones must be lifted at least knee high to qualify as a complete throw. It will take about three rounds of moving all stones to get past 50 yards. It is done for time, and I can guarantee one bad a.. workout.
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