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Re: What to do with mandatory PT in the AM?

Originally Posted by Mike Wright View Post
I am 35 and in the AF. I have mandatory AM PT M-W-F, getting ready to switch to M-F. I get to the gym 45 min prior, usually enough to get strength work and a short WOD. PT is actually more productive once I am thouroughly warmed up.

On occasion, I only have enough time to get EITHER a strength session or a short WOD before PT. In this case, I just put a WOD after PT. In essence, use the PT sessions like a thourough warm-up. With so much volume, you end up going 80-90% over several events, rather than 90-100% for one event. This may or may not be acceptable to you, depends on your goals. Given your parameters, it may help you deal with the volume and go to the gym once a day rather than two.
Man I gotta switch to the airforce if pt is only mandatory M-W-F xD
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