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Re: What to do with mandatory PT in the AM?

Originally Posted by Chris Everts View Post
I'm in ROTC, and they are having us PT monday through friday, early in the morning of course. When we do PT it isn't an optimal workout, and is hard to program a workout around. In a perfect world I would be doing something like Military athlete/SEAl fit/ CFE, etc. But since I've got PT in the morning, doing a long, grueling workout in the evening can be thrown off by PT in the morning, and it just isn't a good situation all around.

Any ideas on how I should program my workouts around a hectic PT schedule?

I was thinking of doing the PT in the morning, and focusing on one or two things for an evening workout, like METCON, APFT work, strength work, and running/rucking. So I would go to PT in the AM and in the evening I would do a workout of Push ups, sit ups, and finish with a METCON.
I was in the same situation, morning PT, when I started CrossFit. I actually just did morning PT and then the main page WOD in the afternoon. I had a good 8-12 hrs to recover, especially since the morning PT was just body weight exercises, not weights. What kind of long, grueling workouts are you doing in the evening? The average CrossFit WOD is give or take 15-20 mins long, not counting skill work?
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