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Re: Level 3 (CCFT) Test

Originally Posted by Kevyn Piascik View Post

I just recently took my test. I passed the application process based on my 10 years of as a head strength and conditioning coach at the collegiate level. Based on my experience and qualifications (CSCS for 10 years, CrossFit L1 and CrossFit Football Certification, Olympic Weightlifting level 1 and 2), I felt I would have a good grasp on the information which would be covered.

While I thought the exam itself was definitely a good test of knowledge, and is a difficult test, I am a little suspect of the results. According to CrossFit's scoring of the exam, I scored "significantly lower than those who passed the exam" on every section. No other indication of performance was given after the exam (ie: #of questions correct/total # of questions). Prior to the exam, you are correct, very little guidance regarding study material and information is provided. What a "passing" score is considered is never outlined in any of the material, even after the exam.

I am very interested to see other responses concerning this exam to hear other peoples' experiences. I am very disappointed as I have been coaching for so many years and have attended many conferences and obtained many continuing education certifications in recent years.

Just two days before the CrossFit exam, I sat for the NSCA Tactical Strength and Conditioning-Facilitator exam, passing with an 85% (results which I obtained immediately following the test). After my immediate "score report" following the CrossFit exam, the only additional feedback I received was an email from CrossFit a few days later, stating (again) that I didn't pass, and they suggest I continue "studying the materials and retake the exam in 3 months" (paying another $250 of course). I actually had the computer at my testing center shut down and reboot due to a power surge, so I responded to the email asking if any of my answers were submitted as blank because of this issue, but I am yet to receive any response back. I still do not know if any more detailed information will be provided regarding the exam results, specifically, which areas were more lacking than others, etc. I am very frustrated, as I feel I have a very strong knowledge base already and, if anything, would have prepared more thoroughly had any direction been given in the preparation materials and study guide. Additionally, how are test takers supposed to prepare for a re-test following failure with zero guidance or feedback regarding their exam?

Not sure how much this helps you in your situation, but this was my experience so far. If I hear anything more from CrossFit, I will be sure to update you. If you have any other questions feel free to get in touch with me, best of luck with your test!

I haven't read the whole thread yet... just got as far as this post, and I had the same results. Sure, I could have studied the material more... I made it halfway through the articles but was finding nothing was really new to me... and I didn't go through the videos and obviously should have. All of my categories were marked as "significantly below average". Yes, I definitely could have studied more... but I have owned my own affiliate for almost 4 years now... have kept up to date in my knowledge, taken almost every CF Course there is...and mostly know my $hit. I find it hard to believe I didn't even score average or above in at least one category.

I felt confident about a lot of my answers... some for sure were guesses, but not many. As you've stated above you scored 85% on your other exam.... I was confident I had done well enough to pass with around this kind of mark... but am also frustrated with the lack of feedback given as to the actual results.
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