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Re: Deadlift form

I would highly recommend the Starting Strength program, or something similar. You could do the WODs and just scale the weight way back in order to work on form, but the gains from this will take much longer.

Several of the affiliates I have encountered actually start people with a basic strength program, or at least a couple days a week of one, in order to get their strength up before jumping into full WODs. After all CF is not just met-cons, it is a strength and conditioning program also.

Either way if you do not have it already, order Starting Strength. It will be worth every penny.


Edit: just saw your second post

Originally Posted by Joseph Shreckhise View Post
Come to think of it though, we nearly completely avoid going overheaed because of the stress that wrestling already puts on your shoulders.
If it puts stress on the shoulder, all the more reason to have strong shoulders to sustain it! Maybe don't do the over head work in season, but off season is the time to get them strong!!!! And that weight rutine does not sound like most college strength programs I have encountered, you are lucky you have such a solid program!
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