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Clay Johnson
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I made two different set of cheap 2" dumbbells.

(links are work safe)

I found some really cheap screw type dumbbells but this method would work with just about any type of dumbbell.

1. I started with basic pipe foam and 2" PVC pipe worked well. For the grip, I used Rust-Oleum's plastic paint. I found that it is easy to clean, resists chips, and stays slick (and looks better than the plain old white PVC pipe!). I use the washers to take up any slack if I cut the pipe uneven (hint: it is easier to cut the pipe with a miter saw, especially if it is a power one):

2. Since the pipe foam is a tight fit with the PVC pipe, there is no need for glue.

3. One hint is that since it is a very tight fit, I do not cut the foam until I have it all of the way in. Sometimes the foam compresses. Also, I use a C-clamp to press it in sometimes. For barbells, I have used a long pipe-clamp before:

4. The quick, cheap, and easy thick dumbbells:

More thick dumbbells were made from some Olympic dumbbells I never used using the same method:

I do have some three inch metal dumbbells that I am using more than the two inch Olympics now.
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