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Tom Woodside
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Re: New to the Forum? ***READ THIS FIRST***

Is the point of this post to keep the stupid little new people from asking their stupid little questions?

Look, everyone that is new is going to ask the same question over and over again. It's the way it is. People need a way to introduce themselves into the fold and asking a question is the way to do it. Would you rather that they showed up and posted like they were the God of Fitness on their first post? I think not.

One thing that these boards have a problem with is immediately jumping on the new guy for not searching. It is very easy to post a link to a thread that answers their question or, better yet, answer their question, and welcome them aboard. That does happen sometimes. But, also new folks get smacked down by the cultists for asking, "Will I get big muscles?" Not a very warm welcome, if you ask me. I think that everyone needs to just tolerate the new folks and welcome them.
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