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Re: Ave's Workout Log

Meh forgot have the stuff I did last week.

Trained Monday and Tuesday for sure with Oly work. Rowed 40:00 on Thursday maybe? Other than that the rest is a blur. Some squatting. Some other stuff. Ate some food.

Sunday 12/2

eggs with kale and sweet potatoes, bacon, coffee

830a Advanced Class
10:00 EMOM power clean doubles, all at 113. Only conked the collarbone once, so I guess that's a win. Power cleans are always the worst for that. Much better with a full squat.
7:00 EMOM 1 pause front squat, 1 regular front squat - 103 across the board
then 7:00 AMRAP burpees. Missed this at the Open last year due to broken collarbone. Thought breaking collarbone was worth it to escape 7 minutes of burpees. Now it turns out I didn't even escape them in the end anyway. WTF. Anyhoo, 90. Meh. But at least I wasn't completely destroyed afterward.

Some more food somewhere.

Burgers with bacon and ketchup
Sweet potato fries

Monday 12/3

sweet potato hash with an egg on top, coffee

7a Running class:
4 x 1:00 @ 98 cadence
1 x 6:00 @ 93 cadence

more sweet potato hash

quick nap

back squat to a peak of 3 - 33, 83, 113, 133, 153, 133 x2 (one more time to film)
row 6 x 500m, 1:00 rest: 2:09.4, 2:07.1, 2:07.9, 2:10.6, 2:12.8, 2:13.2, 2:05.2

oats and whey protein shake

8,000,720 Reese's peanut butter cups

meatloaf and green beans

power bar (it was free)
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