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Ave's Workout Log

Finally getting around to starting a log on the message boards, rather than just the trusty old composition book.

Track workout this morning:
1x100m easy warm-up pace
5x100m sprints - 17s, 14.4s, 15s, 15.6s, 16s
first measurement might be a bit off, as we were running with stopwatch in hand and did not have someone waiting to tell us our time, but mostly I think it's interesting that I consistently gained a half second on each sprint. Mmmm details.

Followed that with 4 rounds of 400m run/50 air squats, except we had a 12 minute cap, so it was more like AMRAP 12:00 of 400m run/50 air squats. In any event, I completed 3 rounds and about 200 meters.

My calves hurt.

I took an ice bath after advanced class yesterday with a 10 lb. bag of ice cause that's the largest one that the beer store had, but maybe I should have gotten 2 bags - I don't think it was cold enough :-/

Annnnyyyyhoo... back to watching the Games!
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