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Re: Roast chicken for Dummies

Originally Posted by Mara Rozitis View Post
I tried this today with boneless pork rib chops because that was what I had in the fridge and this looked good. Had no idea how it would turn out but figured it was worth a try. I am getting tired of my tried and true recipes day in/day out. The chops are superb done this way. I wouldn't want to try it with a leaner cut, but these are incredibly tender and juicy. They were only about 3/4" thick, so I cut the oven time to about 9-10 minutes at 450 after browning. I seasoned some with a Greek seasoning and some with garlic, cumin, salt and a little cayenne pepper. Yum! Thanks, Katherine. Your posts are always well-thought-out, informative and useful.
Hadn't thought of trying it with pork, but sure, why not? As you point out, very lean cuts wouldn't do well with this treatment, but pretty much any fatty cut would.

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