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Yep..agreed. is a place where folks that have had bad experiences tell their stories. These are folks with problems, and they are pretty vocal.

Nevertheless, I am curious about the statement "n time, EVERYONE becomes intolerant of rigid gas permeable contact lenses, whether they are used for CRT or for "eyes open" vision."

My sister (way more myopic than me) has worn eyes open RGP's for decades. The comment that EVERYONE becomes intolerant is a bit suspicious to me.

Darrell, I appreciate what you say about not doing routine fittings. I have visited both the local MD (opthamologist) and my OD. My OD has much more modern equipment for handling refractive correction. My OD also regularly refers folks to Duke for LASIK.

For me, CRT is working great. Yes it is a bit inconvenient, but I am willing to put up with that.

Many CRT users do eventually opt for laser surgery. I am not there yet, but could be a candidate some day

I suggest that anyone that is -3.50 or less give CRT a try. I am thrilled with CRT

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