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I had looked into these and into the intra-corneal lenses (I forgot their exact name, something like Intracorneal Rings, but they are two half-moon shaped things that do the same thing, though "permanently" but can be removed).

I opted to get Lasik done (had it done on 7/7/2006) because I didn't want the lenses (my eyes didn't take well to contacts when I did wear them 10 years ago). The rings seemed even "newer" than the Lasik, so I didn't want to do that.

So far, I am very happy. I was a -3.75 left / -3.50 right with astigmatism in left and right eyes (moderated left, slight right).

Day of surgery I was 20/15. Go in again for my 2nd appointment tomorrow (TUE) and I'll report back then.

So far, the only issues (if one can call them that) are that it feels like there's an eyelash in my right eye and I am still getting used to the super-close reading thing.

As a myope, I could read anything of any size from about 12" from my face and closer, but could also read close up with glasses. Now, it's 12" or further. I am certain once my vision settles I'll need reading glasses for really close-up stuff when I work on my firearms and such, and that presbyopia will continue. Would have happened anyway.

I had it done because I do a lot of stuff outdoors and was always afraid of having my glasses go tumbling down some ravine, leaving me blind (no, I didn't take a backup pair). ALso, trying to find a good set of shooting glasses that could take a prescription and NOT weigh a lot was challenging. Finally, I HATED having dirty/spotty glasses. Yeah, a really stupid, obsessive thing, but I admit it. :-)

My Lasik was about $4,300 for both eyes. Not the cheapest by any stretch. I know folks who've gone to the $500 per eye places and gotten lucky...though I am sure there are some doctors who are very ethical, I didn't want to be part of an assembly line. The place I went didn't give me that feel/impression at all.

At least they seemed like they cared about what I wanted as opposed to a "yep, you're a good candidate, sign here and pay on the way out" like one major Phoenix location did. No pressure at all.

So far, I am happy, but it's still early. :-)
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