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I didn't want to hijack Darrell White's LASIK thread, but I DO want e'one to know about an alternative to LASIK.

I am -3.50 myopic. Been wearing and swearing at glasses and contacts since 5th grade. I just cannot convince myself to go LASIK; I have never been evaluated.

While the vast majority of LASIK patients are very happy, when it goes wrong, it goes REAL wrong. An acquaintance of mine nearly needed a corneal transplant due to LASIK complications.

Also there are unscrupulous LASIK operators that will do the procedure on ANYONE, regardless of whether they are a good candidate. If LASIK were 100% safe, we would ALL get it done.

I use COrneal Refractive Therapy (CRT). Read about it at I wear rigid gas permeable contact lenses to bed; you sleep in them. The lenses re-shape your cornea over night. When I get up in the AM, I pop the lenses out and am 20/20 and about 20/25.

You have to wear them every night, or your vision will completely regress in about 72 hours. The advantage over regular contacts is that I am in bed with closed eyes...nothing can get in my eye and irritate it.

The BIG advantage over regular contacts is that during the day I have great vision without refraction. I beleive this is the experience that makes so many LASIK folks so happy. It is wonderful.

It took a little getting used to, and several fittings, but I am very happy.

Like Ken Davis, I need reading glasses, but if I decided I preferred my old way of seeing (razor sharo near vision), I just quit wearing the CRT lenses.

To date there has been NO permanent damage caused by CRT.

CRT can only correct up to about -6.00. I am the strongest correction that my optometrist has done, and he won't go any stronger. I am his poster child.

In Chapel Hill, NC CRT is $1200: this includes mutliple fittings and follow up for a year. Spare lenses are $100 each.

LASIK is around $5000 here.
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