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Originally Posted by Herm Blancaflor View Post
Thanks, Steve. I guess the Clean & Jerks I did this morning reminded me I'm human. 100 kg felt brutal today. I was on my way up to cleaning 115 (250 lbs) in prep for "King Kong", but wasn't quite feeling it today.

Derek, the ultimate goal for me would be 100% BW Snatch and 150% BW C&J. That would be around 90 and 135 kilos!

Definitely feeling my goat though. My abs are STILL getting MORE SORE from Mr. Joshua 2 days ago, and can't even complete King Kong as Rx'ed. I love this stuff!

Happy training brothers and sisters!
So your just doing main site Wod's wether its metcon or strength??

Great work buddy?!

It isnt the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.
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