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Herm Blancaflor
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All I have been doing is crossfit, and my Snatch and Clean & Jerk both are increasing without much training in either. We really don't concentrate on the pure lifts much, so this stands as yet another testimonial to "Specialization is for Insects".

Snatch PR, twice today. Tied the old PR of 75kg, then did 77.5 and then missed 80, but came back to nail it. I was so happy I decided to snatch today!

PR'ed on Clean & Jerk earlier last week at Morgan's gym at CF Tacoma, old one was 105kg, there I got a 106.8!

Last May in my first Oly lifting competition, I hit 70 and 105. I think it's time to put the singlet back on and crush those numbers!

Thank you, Coach!
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