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I don't have the knowledge/experience to have a strong opinion regarding the plyos. I didn't use them in my rehab at all (except where they showed up in the WOD). If I would have, I probably would have incorporated them later rather than earlier, with the other ballistic, full-range motions.

FWIW, I don't do plyos consistently outside of what's presented in the WOD, though I've recently played around with some pattern jumps from the Gambetta tapes. These and what's presented in the WODs (i.e. box jumps, jump rope, etc.) haven't BOTHERED the knee at all. Movements that have given the knee difficulty include:

Muay Thai kicks (torque on the supporting leg)
Breast stroke kick
Pistols (although this could have been attributed more to my possible poor form at the time rather than to the exercise itself)

Sorry this wasn't more helpful,

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