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Chris Williams
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I'm just about recovered from ligament & meniscal tearing in the knee. I can now do most CF WODs but the knee is very sore & weak for a couple of days afterwards, so I can't often do more than 2 prescribed CF WODs a week.

Because I really want to strenghten the muscles around the knee, i'm wondering whether i should concentrate on specific exercises such as low squats, cycling etc rather than say KB swinging/ OL, which tire the knee without really focusing on it. But then this would sort of bring me back to BB type split routine.

The usual answer at CF about balancing the need to work a particular body part / technique is too simply add it to CF WODs, but i can't do any thoughts about how to combine both/ or whether i need to? Is CF all i need to strengthen the knee?

Thx in advance

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