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It's so difficult being injured in this day and age, we're taught to trust doctors but they're always so full of hogwash. Beyond surgure there's not a whole lot I have found doctor's to be helpful with.

I don't know if anyone here will be able to "fix" your injury any better than yourself. Only you are you and you know you're body better than anyone else.

Things I have found to help with my hips-

Arch supports in shoes, helps realign the entire body, which after years of slight imbalances in mechanics can develop all kinds of chronic pain.

What are you body mechanics like? Knock kneed? Bow legged? If so then either of these features of you anatomy can caus pain in your joints and prevent injuries from healing properly.

My suggestion is that you find something that helps by trial and error. I like the warrior pose from yoga for strengthening and opening up the pelvic gurdle.

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