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Back for the First Time - A Three Month Challenge

Hey kids,

I wrote an article for the CrossFit Journal but I'm assuming it did not get accepted seeing as I haven't heard back. It's basically a call to all coaches and athletes to return back to the main site, message board, and CrossFit Journal for October, November, and December. Since the Journal didn't pick it up, I just posted it on our site.

Back for the First Time
(w/f safe)

Here's an excerpt:
There was a revolution in fitness started on over a decade ago that changed something about how you are coaching or training today. Even if the main site and its resources donít provide the exact thing you are looking for, its principles serve as the spine that holds your gym and your athletic performance together. By participating in this challenge, your fitness numbers might go down. Or they might go up. Or maybe stay the same. But doing so will remind you why you do CrossFit in the first place: Not the Benchmarks. Not the Olympic weightlifting. Not seeing Allison NYC. Not the Games. But because you found a worldwide group of people who understood what the real battle was and provided the most unparalleled support for fighting it.

Letís face it; none of us would be where we are now without Time to admit that and return for a little visit to see how we stack up to the official thing.
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