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Re: Looking for 1st year membership growth numbers from you.

Growth rates are dependent upon SO many things...location, reach, your own ability to pull leads, saturation of boxes, etc.

But don't think for a SECOND that your success or failure is anything other than a direct result of the work that YOU put in.

Make a best/worst case projection. Use excel, and estimate how many leads you can build per month, how many of those come in to the gym, and how many of those sign up as members. On the low end, use a 30% signup rate. If you're doing well, its 70%. If you're awesome at signing people up, its 90%.

Use those numbers to drive how much work YOU put in. Only get 5 people to come in, when your goal was 10? Time to beat the streets, do some park workouts, get a booth at local fairs, offer "bring a friend" days...SOMETHING!

What most affiliates do is fail to track their numbers, and then fail to learn what they're doing wrong.

I'm in your shoes too, just about to open my doors. Good luck!
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