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Re: Comment on torque release technique?

Hi Josh,

Thanks for the reply. Yes it has been some time now and I think the treatments are fine. My situation has deteriorated a lot but I did get a lot of relief from TRT. One thing I really liked about it was that it was not intrusive at all- just some light touching. It was easy for me and I appreciate the fact it's easier on my chiro - none of those awkward movements.

I say 'was' because I'm no longer seeing him - my injury is covered by workers compensation and because my neurological condition has gotten worse, they won't allow me to see him until I get a report from my neurologist.

My GP recommended I see a neurologist, I saw him last week and he ordered an MRI ASAP - I read the report, and with the help of webMD learned the disc is ruptured, not just bulging. 1.8cm extrusion in fact. Apparently that's quite large. Plus the plumbing is not 100% either, and my feet don't have strong plantar flexion so there's cause for concern.

Tomorrow I see my GP again and hopefully hear from the neurologist soon. I'm guessing I'm going for surgery. I'm pretty worried, but I know I'm working myself up cause I read the report but haven't seen the doc yet.

Once I talk to the doc I'll start asking more questions.
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