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Re: Comment on torque release technique?

Originally Posted by Bradley James Thompson View Post
Sorry to hijack the thread, but what makes manipulative physical therapy manipulative? I've done therapy, and there's some manipulation involved, but the vast majority of the time is me doing exercises.
I don't know the specifics; you'd have to ask a pro for the differences between treatment approaches. In my case, the therapist (after evaluating the range of motion and function for my neck, shoulders and back), moved/ stretched/ twisted/ flexed those body parts through a particular range of motion and/ or in a certain sequence to improve the ROM and function. She also treated some stubborn trigger points with dry needle therapy. The only exercises she gave me were band stretches to strengthen my external rotators and wobble board work to improve my proprioception and posture.

After the second session, I had about a 10 degree improvement in ROM (turning my head to left or right) in my neck and a marked improvement in side to side (think trying to touch ear to shoulder) ROM. That has continued to improve. As a result of continued sessions, I'm also pain free in my shoulder, the winged scapula is gone, I can put my arm above my head and behind my back without pain and normal ROM has been restored to my shoulders.

I was cleared to start working out again two weeks ago (light weights and high reps; working back slowly) and so far, no shoulder pain or issues other than the soreness of resuming strength training after a many month layoff.

YMMV, but I am a believer in this treatment approach.
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