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Comment on torque release technique?

Hi there,

I am a 39 yo male. Just started crossfitting about 7 months ago. I basically got up off the couch and started doing it, although I've been reasonably active throughout my life. I've had a troublesome back from my late teens and on and off for years. I have seen chiropractors on and off during that time as well. I was llike most of the population in my misunderstanding of how treatments work. I just wanted to get fixed and to not have to keep coming back. Now I realize that chiropractic care for someone like myself is not so much about getting fixed as it is about maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Anyway, crossfit has exposed a bunch of things that aren't working well. One of these things are some herniated discs. Three, to be precise. One in my lower back and two in my neck. For the last month, I have had serious sciatic pain, moving all around my left leg. This was set off by an event in which I hurt my back. I have been seeing a chiropractor for about a week and a half. I have made a commitment to myself that I will continue to see one even after my symptoms subside.

Anyway, to my question - he practises torque release technique. It is new to me, and I'm a little worried because there has been little to no change in my condition (In a week and a half only). Does anyone have any comments about this technique? Can someone reassure me that this is ok? I work as a self employed carpenter so to say this sciatic pain slows me down is a huge understatement. I can barely work and move very slowly, so if going to a more traditional chiropractor will help, thats what I will do.

Any other advice would really be appreciated.
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