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Re: 5-3-1 six vs seven day cycles

Originally Posted by Robert Fabsik View Post
Also a good time to focus on recovery and mobility work.
Recovery and mobility are things that I've never scheduled in, and so have fallen short on in the past. In line with Eric's later point, I tend to either get injured or burn out.

Great points, guys, thank you.

Originally Posted by Clint Harris View Post
Perhaps choosing a different program would suit your needs. My understanding is that 5/3/1 is a slower gain program that is designed to promote slow gains over a longer period of time...

...At your body weight, you'll need to eat (but don't go nuts and put on useless weight). And with these programs, you'll need to rest.

...It is also likely you'll loose some conditioning or speed with the bodyweight exercises. Accept this and move on. Get your base strength and size up then concentrate on your speed. It'll come back pretty fast.

I'll take another look into the programs you mentioned. I'm partial to 5-3-1, though, so will probably start on that.

Noted on food and rest. And as for conditioning, that's a bitter pill that I'm realizing I'll need to swallow. I've read that hill sprints and prowler work will do less to mitigate strength gains, so I might try to focus on those when I have time and energy.

Again, thanks all.
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