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Re: "Eva"

This WOD is very reminiscent of "Badger" (95 pound Squat clean, 30 reps;30 Pull-ups;Run 800 meters) and that workout was pretty difficult. I think this one will be harder in some ways but easier in others. I, personally, would much rather do swings than the 95#squat cleans in Badger. I do like these workouts with 800s. I think an 800 is the toughest run there is; it is long enough to force you to pace, but short enough to make you really push. Also, if you don't push on the 800s you really think bad about yourself at the end.

All this being said I think I will have to sit this one out because of some knee pain. After doing Annie last week I cannot put any impact pressure on my knee (going down stairs, jumping, running, etc...). It is right at the top of the Tibia/fibula bone and where that meets with the knee--maybe a little shearing action from that WOD.

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